U.K.M.T J.M.C 2014

Today, I took the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Junior Maths Challenge. I obviously can’t talk about any of the questions or otherwise it might give those taking the exam tomorrow an unfair advantage.

I go to King Alfred School which is a school that believes in letting the student participate in their own education. They will not force us into anything and try to encourage us to love learning not to hate it. We do not wear uniform and call our teachers by their first name. The atmosphere is friendly and really has kindled at least my imagination. To learn more about my great school follow the link.


I love this sort of maths and worked hard to prepare as well as working after school with two of our maths teachers. I went in to the exam after a day of anticipation and really had a positive outlook to it.

I love maths and today I think I did well.

Maths though is everything. It explains everything in physics and physicists explain every other science which again explain everything else. A maths degree could get you most jobs and would inspire you to invent anything. You can change the world with every interest you have.

But maths is awesome. Okay some people hate maths but that is okay.

I hope you indulge in the wonders of maths to explain, to communicate, to study and to have a great time.

Remember maths is great. It will change your life.

Love it.