Space Shuttle


This wonderful spacecraft launched the Hubble telescope and delivered many parts of the I.S.S to low earth orbit, it has also ferried many astronauts to their missions on the station as well. It docked with Mir, the now abandoned Russian space station, not only improving relations between the U.S and Russia but making it easier for humans to develop in space.

It has capability to deliver 24,400 kg to low earth orbit. It surpasses not only the capabilities of the space craft of it’s time but all modern space craft and is semi reusable. But with the Falcon Heavy on the horizon that will go even beyond the capabilities of the space shuttle, the shuttle’s era has ended. There has been 5 shuttles unfortunately 2 have been lost to accidents but even this doesn’t damage the shuttles amazing achievements. First launched in 1981 the shuttle was getting old and so had to be halted.

Goodbye space shuttle, welcome future.