Product Design

Should our lives be filled with simplicity? or should we be surrounded with memories and odd objects?

We use apple macs the object of simplicity but if you believe in pure simplicity then you wouldn’t own anything.

So the answer is a mixture of both. But clearly not as the world we live in suggest that you are more privileged if you own more money than someone else.

I think that we should own objects. The choice we make of what we should have is important. I own many different objects but I try to buy only what I love. Not love but admire them for purity. I love product that are true to themselves, products that have been work on and loved. Products that are refined and simple. I get a special feeling when I read my favourite magazine, monocle, it is beautiful and that is why I love it.

I have an older friend who moves from flat to flat frequently and she owns only a few photos. I don’t believe this is right. Your belongings don’t represent you. Your personality is what is you.

Whether you are greedy, lazy, hard working, kind, friendly or funny believe me only buy what you love. Have your reasons and always believe in yourself.