How should we power our future?

This question will either directly effect you, your kids or someone you know. We have a few options and if we act now we have a good amount of time to build and change our energy future. We could invest in green energy’s such as  wind, wave, solar or biomass. We could build more nuclear power plants like the French have. Or we could build polluting power generation methods such as coal and oil.

Obviously, the problem with polluting power generation is that in our future they will cause many problems for our environment. These problems range from the CO2 released from them will heat up our atmosphere and melt the ice caps rising the sea level to a rise in extreme weather and heath issues for air breathing organisms such as humans. So, unfortunately, we do not have the option to build these polluting power plants. This leaves us with two options nuclear power or green energy.

Nuclear power is a hot topic with many green activists as if not managed properly or a rare accident happens it can contaminate an area for just under a century. Nuclear power is very safe and doesn’t directly pollute our world. The only annoyance that nuclear power leaves us with is it’s nuclear waste. The radio active material is dangerous to humans but can be dealt with by storing it deep underground. The positives of nuclear power is that it can produce a lot of power with minimal pollution and is cheaper than green technologies. Nuclear power is defiantly a possibility for massive power generation of the future and with the hope of fusion technology on the horizon the amount of power one station can produce could increase dramatically.

The promise of non-polluting power generation has become real over the last 10 years. With the development of affordable mass power generation governments have invested in huge wind farms, solar grants, hydroelectric power, geothermal power and wave power generation. These types of generation are very useful but unfortunately are very expensive and depend on the natural environment that we cannot control. Where as nuclear power or polluting generation that we can control will make sure that no energy is wasted. I think that hydroelectric power generation really has a future in our world. As the top four power generation body’s are currently hydro electric dams, I think this could not only make power generation cheaper but it could also make it completely clean. Hydroelectricity  only has one draw back and that is that large parts of land have to be flooded to build up a feeder lake for the dam. I love green energies as we can create electricity by using freely available resources which means that we do not pollute our unstable climate that needs protecting.

I believe that for our energy future to successfully meet both our needs as humans and our fragile climate needs we need to combine nuclear energy and green energy. As already in the U.K we have 9 nuclear power plants if we invest in more plants I think we can hand over 50 per cent of our power generation to nuclear power plants and the rest to completely green energies. I think that with advances in both of these sectors this will soon be a possible plan to both bring electricity prices down as well as making sure that our balanced climate is not pushed off a cliff.


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